Bagnena lies in the foothills of the Pratomagno mountains which run south from Florence to Arezzo. The area, known as the Casentino, is beautiful and unspoilt. Unlike the well-known Chianti district a few miles to the west, the Pratomagno is peaceful and does not suffer from a great influx of tourists.

The site of a medieval fortress, Bagnena has been re-built and modernised over the last 30 years and now offers approximately 6000 square feet of comfortable, contemporary living space within its traditional Tuscan structure.

Bagnena began as a Roman fortress, the remains of which can still be seen in a tower bastion at the top of the site and a section of Roman wall still standing to the north. The medieval fortification dates from the 14th century and documents from the late medieval period mention Bagnena and Talla, the local village. For a period, bandits and highwaymen occupied Bagnena until the Duke of Florence had them removed by official decree in July, 1385.

Little is known of the peaceful and agrarian years following this period, until the mid 19th century when a local parish priest occupied a portion of the main (‘Gemma’) house – original paintwork and stenciling remain on some of the walls.

During World War 2, Bagnena was occupied as a stronghold and vantage point. In 1958, the last occupants left the place deserted.

In 1973, most of the property was purchased by a group, including its current owner, and a 30 year modernisation programme began. The restoration, though contemporary, has maintained original features wherever possible.

There are two wooded walks, one of about 30 minutes and another of up to 4 hours, winding through the Pratomagno forest, from which promontory Bagnena is situated.

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Bagnena - Hillside View

A full size shared swimming pool is available, on site, with stunning views across the valley.

An extensive video and DVD collection is available in the Study and a piano is available in the Music Room.

The local village of Talla (population 800) is 5 minutes down the mountain, with 2 local bars, one restaurant, a church, a bank, shops and a beautiful cemetery. Also, guests of Bagnena may call upon an English – speaking resident of the village who is available to assist with information or emergencies.

Florence is 1 hr 15 mins by car, Pisa 1 hr 50 mins and Arezzo, 40 minutes.

Rassina - small local market town, 20 minutes away with rail connection to Arezzo.

Bibbiena, 30 minutes away - the historic upper town has a university, hospital and good restaurants.

Golf is available at Poppi, 45 minutes away. There is also a beautiful 12th Century Castle Set upon a hill above the Medieval village where the famous poet Dante resided during his years of political exile.

Arezzo's greatest artistic treasure is the set of frescoes by Piero della Francesca called La Leggenda della Vera Croce, in the church of San Francesco.

Siena, 1 hr 30 mins away has the most famous Palio in Italy - a horse race held twice a year on July 2 and August 16.

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